Taking CBD & meds

What you need to know

CBD is generally well tolerated by the human body, however there are some noteable drug interactions that must be checked before using CBD. Penn State College of Medicine carried out a major study looking at how Cannabis interacted with other medicines.

The study highlighted 5 types of medications where an interaction may occur in some patients:

  • Blood thinners
  • Immunosuppressants
  • Heart Rythm drugs
  • Medications designed for Seizures
  • Thyroid medications

The table below shows all of the individual drugs made by different manufacturers where an interaction was found at the time of the research. We recommend checking this list before taking CBD for the first time. If in doubt discuss with your Doctor.

For more information about Penn State College of Medicne’s research into interactions with other medications click the link below.


Pen Ststae CBD interactions