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The word Tao means the way or the path and, for us, it’s been quite a journey to where we are now. It’s a journey we’d like to take you on too, walking alongside you on the path to total wellbeing…a path we know can be rocky at times. Which is why we developed Tao CBD to smooth the way.

Our journey began back in 2016 when Charlie, stricken with cancer and in the depths of despair, turned to his old friend Tim who had been successfully using CBD since 2011 to not just manage his pain from joint and knee issues but to ensure he avoided surgery as well as anti-inflammatory prescription medication. Although sceptical, Charlie felt he had nothing to lose but a life spent surfing daytime TV as he waited to die.

Within a couple of weeks of starting CBD, his state of mind had improved to such an extent that he felt living was the better option after all. Not only that, he was determined to get off the opioids his pain management team were prescribing for him and, with their help, he did so, replacing them with CBD alongside a healthy regime. The effects for him were so dramatic that he was determined to bring the benefits of CBD to as many people as possible and for as wide a variety of needs, focusing with Tim, who has been working in the field since 2014, on producing the highest quality product at an affordable price.

Together we have created a range of products we are proud to bring to you, which we produce in small batches in the foothills of the Yorkshire dales with the greatest care and attention to every aspect of the process. We have seed to shelf traceability so we can literally walk you every step of the way to the final product as well as ensuring we know exactly how the plants are cultivated without pesticides or heavy metals. We cold press our oil and have now brought over 50 CBD products to the UK and US markets. We know that Tao CBD works because we use it every day ourselves. We have seen the way it has changed so many lives for the better, including amputee Mark’s life

More than that, we are determined to change the perception of CBD as an alternative path to mainstream medicine. To that end, we are now collaborators in a qualitative study with a Russell Group university to be announced shortly and our dream is to see CBD prescribed for you by your GP as freely as any other medication.

Until that time, we want to make CBD as accessible to you as possible.  We offer samples and also a 20% discount on your first purchase when you sign up to our newsletter below. In return, we will send you tips, articles and information on all things CBD, including those related to particular conditions. We’d also love to hear from you with any questions or suggestions you might have as we genuinely feel we are on this journey together. Why not walk with us and discover the life-changing benefits of Tao CBD?



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